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Re: Surveys in debian

after reading your feedback regarding my campaining effords I
would be interested in what kind of things you heared about me. I
would not really care about names, more about incidents or

an other thing that i would like to ask you about is a more
in-detail analysis of debian as a social group. I have a church
background and i came accross a church growth tool which tried to
benchmark 8 characteristics of any given church (look at my mail
to -project about this:

at debconf3 the following year i gave a talk about this, arguing
also why this research could be applied to debian. the
church-research group was done with a strong statistical
background and they try to identify the bottleneck(s) of the
group and work to remove the greates bottleneck to enable it to
develop further. my platform basicly contained my own, personal
assessment of what debian's bottlenecks are.

this research group tries to identify bottlenecks in groups by
doing a survey of 30 involved people, asking them about those 8
key characteristics. they do need to "calibrate" these surveys
for each country and then compare the results of a given church
with their availale reverence data.

here is a whitepaper explaining this process better:

do you think this could be applied to debian, as a more
scientific way to help us to develop our social side? Would you
even want to work on this?

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