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Re: What do you win by moving things to non-free?

On Sat, Apr 16, 2005 at 08:42:25PM +0100, Matthew Woodcraft wrote:
> Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> >* The Invariant Section is retained, but another Invariant Section
> >  containing a rebuttal is added to the document. This would a) look
> >  silly, and b) be a beginning of Invariant Section bloat, in which a
> >  document could consist of 10% Invariant Sections, 60% rebuttals to
> >  Invariant Sections, and 30% of actual, useful, documentation.
> I do not think this option is as bad as you make it sound.

The fact that there is a need for a rebuttal, in the first place, is
already a sign that something is very wrong.

> There is no need for the rebuttal to be made invariant, and the
> rebuttal could just be a brief note explaining that the invariant
> section refers to a situation which has gone away.

Well, yeah, in the specific example I gave. Consider the possibility
that the original section refers to a situation which has not gone away,
but that the original author of the document has moved on to go do other
stuff, and that the current maintainers have a different opinion on what
the problem exactly is.

... and now they move on to other things as well.


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