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Re: What do you win by moving things to non-free?

Wouter Verhelst wrote:
>A more realistic example would be
>Answer: Because the document contains an invariant section on the
>       author's opinion regarding the dangers of Software Patents in
>       the European Union.
>Something like that simply is not free. It might be true at the time the
>piece is written; However, should the situation regarding Software
>Patents in the European Union ever change, then there are three


>* The Invariant Section is retained, but another Invariant Section
>  containing a rebuttal is added to the document. This would a) look
>  silly, and b) be a beginning of Invariant Section bloat, in which a
>  document could consist of 10% Invariant Sections, 60% rebuttals to
>  Invariant Sections, and 30% of actual, useful, documentation.

I do not think this option is as bad as you make it sound. There is no
need for the rebuttal to be made invariant, and the rebuttal could just
be a brief note explaining that the invariant section refers to a
situation which has gone away.


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