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Re: Debian mailing lists fed to googlegroups?


Jutta Wrage wrote:
> After seeing the googlegroups spam in some of the debian mailing lists, 
> I had a look into googlegroups and saw the meiling lists beeing fed 
> into groups there. Is that a known fact and is it accepted?

Debian lists are fed into several public archives.  I don't think that
Debian wants to restrict this.  And if it would want to, it can't,
since anybody can subscribe to the public lists anyway.

> I am a bit astonished as mailing lists normally are not fed into public 
> news servers. And the list pages at debian org only mention the public 
> archiving on debian.org.

There's the unofficial linux.* hierarchy where Debian is in
linux.debian.* if I remember correctly.  This at least has been
discussed at length a couple of years ago.



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