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Re: Small teams and other platform positions...

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Vaidhyanathan Mayilrangam Gopalan]
> > If we do, then we are essentially saying that only those developers
> > who are rich enough (in terms of money, time , ability ) to travel
> > are only ones who are worthy of contributing.  It has got nothing to
> > do with the amount of work they are putting into Debian.
> This is not really the case.  Those spending lots and lots of time and
> doing lots and lots of work on Debian related activities, do tend to
> get their travel funded to go to such meetings.  The two

How to you fund the time people need to travel to and stay at the meetings?

> No-one has proposed to replace all the on-line interaction (email,
> IRC, etc) with physical meetings.  We are talking about giving the

Given the answers (and non-answers) to replies of the Vancouver
prospectus, I wonder if some people have not simply decided otherwise.



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