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Re: Small teams and other platform positions...

[Martin Schulze]
> How to you fund the time people need to travel to and stay at the
> meetings?

Until now, we haven't.  As I said, those already investing lots of
time into Debian tend to get their travel and lodging expenses covered
to join the meetings in questions.  Experience have shown that at
least some of these are able to re-prioritize their time to be able to
join these meetings.

I'm aware that some people want/need to have their lost work-time
funded as well.  Those unable or unwilling to spend holiday or talking
days/hours off in exchange for working overtime do have a problem
joining such meetings.  But at least in my head it is a question of

As far as I know, most of us joining the d-i devcamp spent our holiday
to go there.  Those of us going to the debian-edu devcamp coming up in
Greece or the CDD devcamp in Spain do the same.  So I offer my
holidays and time, and get the travel and lodging funded in return.  I
do not believe this is such a bad bargin. :)

> Given the answers (and non-answers) to replies of the Vancouver
> prospectus, I wonder if some people have not simply decided
> otherwise.

I was unable to read all the thousands of email flooding in after the
proposal, so I'm not really sure what you are referring to here.  But
I do not believe anything is set in stone yet.

I'm glad to see the positive results from the meeting; a
revitalisation of the ftpmaster team and better coordination between
the ftpmasters and the release team with regard to the upcoming Sarge
release.  With that background, I do not see the point of writing so
much about the thoughts presented for the Etch release.  I see it as a
tactical blunder to post both these points in the same email, as the
latter took the focus away from the former.  And in hindsight, I also
believe it would have been better to write down more of the thoughts
behind the Etch proposal and make it easier to understand that the
text was a proposal to solve the release problems as seen by the
release team and the ftp-mastesr, not the only solution.

[Btw, it has been brought to my attention that several people believe
I am paid by debian-edu to work on Debian.  This is not the case.
I've been working full time at the University of Oslo since 2001,
doing Debian work in my spare time.  This is about to change, as I
will be working 40% for Skolelinux from April 1th.  Debian Edu have
only two Debian developers working full time on Debian Edu and Debian
stuff: Joey Hess and Andreas Schuldei.  (And two others working on
political stuff here in Norway. :)]

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