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Survey on FLOSS

I have been asked to forward the following information about a survey
for FLOSS (Free, Libre and Open Source Software) developers.  I know
the people who are conducting this survey and I value their work, so
I can only encourage people to participate.

The EU-funded FLOSSPOLS project is carrying out a survey of developers
worldwide. This is a follow-up to the original FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open
Source Software) survey in 2002, one of the first and most
comprehensive surveys of developers - who they are, how they work and
why they do it. The new survey aims to provide an update, include new
developers, and answer some of the questions that were raised by the
first one: in particular, on the role of developer communities for
learning skills and employment generation, and on the low level of
participation by women. More information and the questionnaire are
available at http://flosspols.org/survey/survey_part.php?groupid=mmd

(Note that Amaya blogged about this survey a few months ago, but I'm
sure not everyone follows Planet Debian.)
Martin Michlmayr

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