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Re: Asking question

ke, 2005-03-30 kello 14:21 +0200, Frédéric PEREIRA kirjoitti:
> Hello,
> Currently working in a French public library, and thus for the public 
> utility, I would like to place at the disposal of our readers copies of 
> your distribution of Linux. Indeed, I estimate that to speak today about 
> free became a need, would be to only show people who there is an 
> alternative. Then, I ask to you whether this project is legal, and thus 
> if I can with complete freedom propose a copy of your distribution to 
> our readers.

The "main" and "contrib" part of Debian are free (libre) software, and
that means you can copy and give away them as much as you want. The
"non-free" part contains some programs that have restrictions that may
be problematic for you.

http://www.debian.org/intro/free has some more information.

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