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Debian is inside OpenPuppets' world


	We're proud to announce that our project OpenPuppets 
<http://en.openpuppets.com> has been upload new characters, including one for 
Debian... a genie call Deb! 
	Others new projects are Ubuntu and OpenOficce. OpenPuppets' world is growing 
every month... new friends soon and other surprises.
Greetings for all and hoping you enjoy our work,
Bernardo Gonzalez Reinfeld
OrganicaDTM Design Studio

Openpuppets, Cute Free Software/Open Source! 
English: http://en.openpuppets.com  Español: http://www.openpuppets.com

Calle Bethencourt Alfonso, nº 2, Edificio Trianon, piso 5, centro.
38001. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Canary Islands. Spain

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