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Re: IRC debate feedback

also sprach Peter Samuelson <peter@p12n.org> [2005.03.19.0827 +0100]:
> paragraphs cut off because of the limits of the medium.  (Pasting from
> #-replies irc logs or from a live client?  Per-candidate logfiles of
> #-replies?  Use of a text editor for collection / reformatting?  Etc.)

I used the following script, and ended up piping it through tools
I know better than perl, as shown at the end:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

while (<>) {
   s/^[[:digit:]:]{5} //;           # trim leading time
   s/^[[:space:]]*//mg;             # trim leading spaces
   s/^<[ +@]?([[:alnum:]_-]+)>//;   # convert nickname format
   chomp;                           # remove newlines
   s/\[/\n[/g;                      # reinsert newlines
print "\n";

# read NICK; perl debate-reply-trim.pl | fmt -w 350 \
# | sed -e "s,^,[$NICK]," | tr -s ' '

I am sure this can be majorly improved.

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