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IRC debate feedback

Hi All,

Having just run the 2005 DPL IRC debate (and a stressful experience it
was too), Martin Krafft and I would like to get feedback on what people
thought of the debate and how it was run.

Suggestions for future debates will be very welcome, not that I am
planning to volunteer to do that again ;)   I am sure that whoever does
it in the future can learn from our successes and mistakes.

Logs of the debate channels have already been posted by some people
(thanks).  The logs of all four channels will also be posted to the
debian-vote pages [1] soon.  An edited log of the #debian-dpl-debate
channel will also be posted (this will preserve all questions and
answers but will omit some of the disorganisation, to make it easier to

Thanks again to everyone who helped make the debate work :)


(Posted to debian-vote to hopefully reach the IRC debate audience, but
please follow up with feedback on the running of the debate to
debian-project, because I think this is off-topic for the actual 2005 vote.)

1.  http://www.debian.org/vote/

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