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Use of -private archive


[I've sent this to -private before, but then I realized it was
off-topic for -private (thanks, mj)]


First of all, I'd like to say that I didn't use the archives, and that I
won't do it if any objection is made.

The email itself:

As some may know, I'm starting to develop a sociologic/anthropologic
research about Free Software and, more precisely, about Debian. The
object of interest in my research is the proccess of legitimation of
both people and ideas inside the Debian Community. How the proccess of
some idea being adopted works? Debian names itself as merithocratic, but
what exactly that means? what kind of behaviour is considered good?

Well, my research itself isn't the subject of this email. I'd like to
ask you if I can consider using the -private archives as a source of
information for my research? and if so, in which conditions?

The main reason for this question is that many threads in -private shows
many of the aspects of the question I'm trying to investigate, and also,
many of these threads are off-topic for -private, i mean, there are a
lot of emails which actually shouldn't be in -private (but I don't want
to discuss about this in this thread, please keep on the question I made
or start a new thread).


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