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Link Swap Request

Dear Webmaster,

We are interested in the possibility of exchanging links with your site, http://dmoz.org/.

We have already added the following details to the category Web Directories on our links page at http://www.play-online-poker-now.info/links: 

Name: Open Directory - Sports: Greyhound Racing: Tracks: United States
URL: http://dmoz.org/
Description: Open Directory - Sports: Greyhound Racing: Tracks: United States 

We would appreciate if you could link back to us using the following information:

Name: online poker
URL: http://www.play-online-poker-now.info/
Description: Explore the site to find exclusive tips, hints and strategy advice for Poker and Texas Hold´em Poker online and offline! 

If you operate more sites and would like to swap links with those as well, please contact us at partner@US-GC.ORG. We will add them to our links page without hesitation.

We will check for the reciprocal link. If we do not find our link on your site 
within the next 30 days, your link will be automatically deleted.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please let us know once our site is up.

Best regards,

Peter Nowak

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