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Funding developer meetings (was Re: Debian-Edu developer meeting in Nafplion, Greece)

* Andreas Schuldei <andreas@schuldei.org> [2005-03-07 15:01]:
> Debian-Edu will hold a Developer Gathering in Nafplion, Greece,
> from the 15th to 17th of April.
> http://www.debian.gr/~bilbo/nafplion/CANON0216.jpeg
> There are other pictures with palm trees available, too.

Of course, you won't see any of them because you'll be staring at a
screen the whole day. ;-)

In general, I think that real life meetings can be quite effective.  I
just wanted to use this opportunity to mention that Debian has funds
which can be used for developer meetings if they have a useful purpose
(and are not done in secret...).  I am quite willing to authorize
spending Debian money on productive meetings and I hope that my
successor will do the same.  This Debian-Edu meeting is mostly funded
by NUUGF/Skolelinux but I have committed 2000 EUR of Debian's funds
for it as well.

If people are planning developer meetings (and I think there has been
some discussions about getting the QA people together into a room),
please do send a proposal to debian-project and leader@ and we'll see
what can be done to help you.
Martin Michlmayr

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