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Re: Debian compatibility label (Re: Debian's Future in the Coporate World)

On Thu, 2005-03-10 at 08:37 +0100, Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> The BIG question is:  would companies be ready to put that logo on their 
> product information web pages (and/or ads etc.)?  Would they be willing to 
> pay for this?  I could imagine that companies like HP, who already support 
> Debian, could be convinced to work together with Debian (or whoever 
> implements this) - early adaptors get the benefit of influencing how the 
> logo program would work.  And once the Debian logo is on one or two HP ads, 
> I hope others will follow.
> (And let us be honest:  We want this logo to be very easily obtained.  It's 
> primarily a marketing toy.  So, I imagine something like 'Ah, they mention 
> that this display runs with Linux and XFree in their documentation.  So 
> they can have this logo.' - perhaps even let companies self-certify, and 
> have them sign a contract that says a public list of companies/products not 
> fulfilling the criteria can be kept and they will accept appearing on this 
> black list.)

From rom my experience with commercial hard- and software vendors, I
wouldn't expect too much demand for such a logo, be it bought, awarded
or self-certified. It's less about marketing, at least not for the big
companies - they wouldn't expect to get many more buyers by displaying
the logo - but about support.

If they flash the logo, people would start asking them questions and
expecting support from them. They would need to learn about package
management systems and stop using a different kind of
installer-script-with-self-extracting-tar-thing for every product they
have. Debian users don't like silently dying installers that equally
silently expect Redhat-6.2-compatibility libs to be around :)

After one of my clients recently purchased a cluster from one of the
bigger hardware vendors, I was seriously tired of having them re-iterate
the "be aware that with Debian you're on your own" mantra on every
single meeting. I kept replying that I'd rather be on my own with a
system that doesn't break than be dependent on commercial support with a
system that does...

So, don't get me wrong, I'd love to see every vendor flashing a
Debian-compatibility logo, but don't expect to be happily embraced or
paid for providing it... 

Cheers, Til

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