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Re: Debian's Future in the Coporate World

On Wed, 9 Mar 2005, Atwal, Steve wrote:

> vendors do not list Debian as being supported by their product,
> e.g. Plone, IBM hardware, etc.

On the IBM front (and I would expect other companies as well), the
situation is murky at best...
	*) They want a corporate body upon which they can levy requirements,
	   place blame, etc.
	*) Customers speak loudly, and therefore, there *is* support of
	   Debian - apparently on a per contract basis and seemingly more
	   often done in the EU than in the US.

I'm in a similiar, but different boat...  I'm working on an IBM
product, that will be ported to Linux.  Of course, since I'm doing
the lion's share of the (porting) work, it will run on Debian, but
I've got to do some looking internally and externally as to if/how/when
Debian support (or works on) is acknowledged.

Rick Nelson -- definitely *NOT* speaking for IBM
10) there is no 10, but it sounded like a nice number :)
        -- Wichert Akkerman

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