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Re: VA Linux / Sun Wah Linux to push Debian in China/Japan

On Thu, Mar 03, 2005 at 10:04:51PM +0100, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > From the PR:
> > 
> > > Currently VA Linux has six official Debian developers, including
> > > Simon Horman, well known for his contribution to the load-balancer
> > > UltraMonkey and the Debian kernel team, and Takuo Kitame, a
> > > renowned developer for his work on GNOME and Mozilla-related
> > > technologies. There are two official Debian developers at SWL,
> > > including Roger So, an I18N specialist and a steering committee
> > > member of OpenI18N.     
> Hmmm... sure Roger has been very prompt on Debian BTS.  He is upstream
> of the great IM program called SCIM.  But he is only upstream updating
> the latest CVS source.  Debian package is maintained by a non-DD with my
> colaboration.

I aparently confused Roger So with my SCIM upstream James Su.
Roger is DD.

> It will be nice if he can be invited to join Debian :-)

He is already.  He seems busy though.  He maintain iiimf related
pachkages im-sdk.


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