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Re: Statistics about the project

* Maykel Moya <maykel.moya@icc-canada.com> [2005-03-04 12:01]:
> - Amount of developers

There are about 950 official Debian developers and several hundreds
more of contributors (e.g. package maintainers, translators).

> - Countries of developers and its percent respect all countries.

http://www.nl.debian.org/devel/developers.loc shows a map of Debian
developers around the world.  http://db.debian.org gives information
about where people come from.

> - Amount of source packages

12815:tbm@merkel: /org/qa.debian.org/data/ftp] grep '^Package: ' stable/main/Sources.main | wc -l
12816:tbm@merkel: /org/qa.debian.org/data/ftp] grep '^Package: ' testing/main/Sources.main | wc -l
12817:tbm@merkel: /org/qa.debian.org/data/ftp] grep '^Package: ' unstable/main/Sources.main | wc -l

You may also be interested in the following paper which contains statistics
about Debian 2.2: http://people.debian.org/~jgb/debian-counting/  There has
been work on doing the same with woody and sarge, but they haven't been
published yet.

Martin Michlmayr

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