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Announcing project scud

Hi people,

As you might have read in the platforms of Branden Robinson[1] and Andreas
Schuldei[2], there is a small group of DD's that joined up with the
intention to present a team during the DPL elections to later support
the DPL with his work.

This team, nicknamed Project Scud[3], started off in the last few weeks
of 2004. Having had a very good experience being board member of a Study
Association at my university, I wanted to project this way of leading
upon Debian, of course adjusting for the specifics of Debian. Currently,
the team consists other than myself of:
- Andreas Schuldei
- Branden Robinson
- Steve Langasek
- Enrico Zini
- Bdale Garbee

The idea is to be able to be able to achieve more, and do so with better
decisions than any one individual could do. Due to the diversity of the
team, but at the same time, the commitment to cooperate and discuss
possible ways of achieving something in a contructive manner, we believe
to be able to lead Debian well. Read the "Having a DPL team will allow
us to:" and "Implementation details:" bits of Andreas' platform for a
more detailed list of goals and details.

It's already been asked whether Branden and Andreas will be giving the
same answers to questions posed to them during the campaign period.  As
you can see from their platforms, they are not clone candidates; there
is no central committee that has to bless their opinions before they
express them.  The developers participating in this group were chosen as
much for their differences as for their similarities.  Of course, the
one similarity we *do* share is a desire to work for the betterment of
the Debian project -- a desire that we know is also shared by almost all
of the DPL candidates standing this year.

An important aspect IMHO of a DPL, or any leader, is to be able to
listen to opinions and arguments, and not be too proud to later change
opinion if the arguments convince him to do so.  I have faith in both
Andreas and Branden to be able to do so, and we believe that this starts
on -vote during the campaign period, where other members of this group
are free to engage the candidates about issues of interest.

This group is running with two candidates, in the event that either of
the two turns out to win, this candidate will lead the team. Personally,
I simply didn't yet make up my mind which one I prefer, it will depend
on how the campaigning will go. For the record, I'm unlikely to announce
my own ballot before voting has ended.

We didn't announce it earlier, because that would be a false start
campaigning in the DPL elections. If the team will be elected, I intend
to work on a much more open way to assemble such a team, details still
unknown of course, because then it isn't anymore the concept that is
very new and needs to be campaigned for.

I hope that we'll be able to provide debian with the leadership it can

Thank you for reading along,

[1] http://www.debian.org/vote/2005/platforms/branden
[2] http://www.debian.org/vote/2005/platforms/andreas
[3] In reference to the dog of Sid from toystory, actually this was just
    a working title initially -- we do acknowledge that the name has
    some unfortunate bad connotations

Jeroen van Wolffelaar
Jeroen@wolffelaar.nl (also for Jabber & MSN; ICQ: 33944357)

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