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Re: Selective opening of -private archives?

On Thu, Mar 03, 2005 at 08:26:24AM -0800, Richard A. Hecker wrote:

> While we may not gain much, we could lose a lot.  Openning parts of the
> archive will leave things out of context.  How valuable will that be to
> have people drawing conclusions based on part of the story?

But that's always an issue.  Nothing posted to -private is necessarily
private, since the person who wrote is free to quote himself elsewhere
- as long as such quoting does not reveal general topics that are
still considered private.  The DFSG and Social Contract are definitely
not private at this point.

> P.S.  Nothing I have said here is secret and may freely be quoted
> elsewhere.

Likewise.  Which means this entire post may be quoted elsewhere.
Which may not give anyone much of any idea what, specifically, we're
discussing, but which is *nevertheless* allowed, even though people
may draw "conclusions based on part of the story".

> This whole topic seems better suited to a public list.

Better yet, the topic should be discussed with the people affected,
i.e. the original posters of the thread in question.  They're the only
ones whose opinions matter.  Nevertheless, I'm taking advantage of
your permission to CC this to -project and set followups.

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