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Re: question about dvd-testing weekly

On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 01:59:15PM +0100, Jörg Falkenstein wrote:
> Hi,
> where to post the following question about changes in DVD iso images:
> I use jigdo under Windows or Debian Sarge. It tells me that it did not find any files it can reuse when downloading the sarge-i386-1.iso and jigdo was asked to check the local iso file from last week.
> Is it true that no files are the same after one wek in 4,7 GB iso file?

No, absolutely not.

However, you need to give it the contents of the ISO image, rather than
the image itself. If you have written it to a DVD file, the easiest way
to accomplish this is to point jigdo to your DVD drive's letter (under
Windows) or mountpoint (under Debian).

If you haven't written it to a file yet, you need to 'loop-mount' your
DVD image. That is being done as root, using the following command line:

mount -o loop /path/to/sarge-i386-1.iso /media

and then point jigdo to /media. After you did this, it should work. I'm
not sure if, or how, this is possible under Windows.

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