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Re: Official Swedish Debian Website

On Fri, Feb 25, 2005 at 03:25:04AM +0100, Per Edin wrote:
> To whom it may concern

(I'm not more concerned by this than any other Debian Developer, but I
 tend to want to meddle in everything :) )

> For the past few weeks we have been missing an official Swedish
> Debian website and we feel that this "hole" needs to be filled.

Thank you for your support for Debian. You are aware that the official
Debian web site is available in Swedish, right? See:

I don't know if the Swedish translation team is badly strapped for
more translators or if they are doing OK, but I'm pretty confident
they won't reject more help coming in, if you want to help with that

for information on that.

If you want to setup another web site than _the_ official website, I'd
recommend you do it unofficially; the bureaucracy to bless another web
site as official would, I fear, kill you before you had done the
site. I don't think you'd get wide consensus from the Debian developer
that creating a mono-lingual "official" website would be a good idea,
either. After having created your unofficial web site, get a link to
your site from the "Community" box of http://www.debianplanet.org/,
and you're started, I guess.

Good luck, and thanks for your support and help!


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