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Re: New policy for http://www.debian.org/consultants/

On Tuesday 08 February 2005 21:35, Nick Phillips wrote:
> > 3. Website
> >    If an URL is provided, the consultant must mention their
> > Debian-related work on the website. The Debian distribution must be
> > mentioned explicitly, together with a link to www.debian.org.
> There was clearly no consensus that this is an acceptable position to
> take, and you should not take it. If you feel strongly that sites like
> the one you mentioned above should not be listed, then maybe you could:
> * point out that a URL need not be provided
> * request that URLs that are provided link to a site which contains at
>   least some description of the consulting service offered
> * /suggest/ that explicit mention of Debian and a link to www.debian.org
>   would be appreciated
> You will get far better results this way. There is no way on earth
> that a large professional company is going to change their website
> just because you are going to remove them from this list if they
> don't. A polite request is more likely to get the desired response.

OK, I get your point. As I've mentioned in my reply to MJ Ray, I assumed 
that there would be some more discussion about this point. I should have 
made this clearer in the intro text.




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