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New policy for http://www.debian.org/consultants/


back in November 2004, Noèl Köthe came up with a suggestion for a policy 
regarding the addition of entries to the Debian consultants list [1]. There 
has been a discussion about his proposal, and quite a few people 
contributed valuable additions to the policy.

We, the team sitting behind consultants@d.o, have tried to summarize the 
various ideas. We're now ready to present this policy to a wider audience 
for feedback, before we're going to apply it to the website.

Please note that the second item in the policy needs more input, because we 
didn't reach consensus on it. It should either be
"Every consultant has to list at least two other means ..."
"Every consultant may list other means ..."

Policy for Debian's consultants page

1. Mandatory contact information
   Working e-mail address (reply within four weeks at maximum)
   Must not be @debian.org address (DMUP)

2. Further contact information
   Every consultant (has to)|(may) list (at least two) other means of
   contact except the mandatory e-mail address. The list currently includes:
   (Preferably street) address, phone, fax, URL (must not be
   official .debian.org domain, see DMUP)

3. Website
   If an URL is provided, the consultant must mention their Debian-related
   work on the website. The Debian distribution must be mentioned
   explicitly, together with a link to www.debian.org.

Removals and modifications of entries

If the above criteria are no longer met, the consultant should receive a 
warning message that they are about to be removed from the listing, unless 
they fulfill all criteria again. There should be a grace period of four 

A request for an update of the consultant's information should be sent
to consultants@debian.org, preferably from the e-mail address mentioned
on the consultants page (http://www.debian.org/consultants).

Some parts of the consultant's information can be removed if they don't
comply with this policy anymore.

The consultant should include the nearest big city to where they reside, so 
that the information can be grouped geographically.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2004/11/msg00000.html



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