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Re: Regarding EM64T and Debian.

* Glenn B. Jakobsen - Kazi Networks (gbj@kazi-networks.com) wrote:
> I was wondering, when will you release a net installer or a full installer
> for the EM64T Xeon CPU. I know Gentoo already has one but I mostly prefer
> using Debian since I have used it for some time now.

You probably want to address this to the debian-amd64 mailing list.  You
should probably also check out: http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/

> At the moment I just upgraded the kernel on my Debian box to a
> 2.6.9-9-em64t-p4. I have two of the same boxes and one is running Debian and
> the other one Gentoo, the Gentoo server is running rather smooth but the
> Debian makes a lot of errors during boot. I hope you will answer my question
> or please tell me who else I could write. Thanks in regard.

It'd be useful to know what these errors during boot are and what you're
using to boot...  Send it to debian-amd64@l.d.o though.


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