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New Maintainers

This is a summary of the AM report for Week Ending 02 Jan 2005.
8 applicants became maintainers.

Don Armstrong <don>

  "I am currently a graduate student in the Cell, Molecular and
  Developmental Biology program at UC Riverside. I primarily work on
  lipid membranes and membrane microdomains (so called lipid rafts). I
  also work with gene microarrays, most recently examining the effect of
  Alzheimer's disease on brain primary cell cultures of individuals who
  have died with the disease.

  In my research, I use alot of free software tools, like R, bioperl,
  etc. and I have written alot of glue in perl to tie everything
  together. Free Software tools aree almost an imperative, because it
  often becomes necessary to modify tools and/or check the validity of
  results from tools, which is something that is fairly impossible with
  proprietary tools. Because so many of these tools are usefull to my
  research, it's quite important for me to spend whatever time is
  necessary to make sure that these tools keep working, and stay free.

  As far as Debian is concerned, I have been working on maintaing a few
  packages which are usefull for my research and/or for my hobbies, and
  supporting the maintainers of packages that I use but don't maintain.
  My other major work is helping to interpret licenses and answer
  questions regarding the DFSG on debian-legal. Currently, I am working
  with the GFDL committee to work on a DFSG free GFDL, and I will
  shortly be getting involved in the 2.0 Apache License discussions as
  well. My work (and others work) in this area will hopefully enable
  Debian to work with the FSF and ASF to get licenses that are DFSG Free
  so works under these licenses can stay in Debian.

  I came to the Free Software world and GNU/Linux in general in 1997 as
  I started college, after spending a considerable amount of time in the
  Macintosh Shareware/Freeware community. After being able to fix a few
  of the system administration problems I had by simply modifying code
  and submitting a patch upstream [at the time I was administering a 2
  thousand node network] I was sold on GNU/Linux, and later on in 1998
  switched from RedHat to Debian."

Bartosz Fenski <fenio>

  "I am a co-founder and a coordinator of Polish Debian Documentation
  Project. Our aim is to translate into Polish the documentation being
  provided by Debian GNU/Linux system and we have been also translating
  official Debian web pages. So as you can see I am doing something for
  Debian right now but I would like to do more. Official pages of our
  project: http://debian.linux.org.pl/en/";

Samuel Mimram <smimram>

  "I'm a french student in computer science at the ENS Lyon in France. I
  came to linux thanks to friends and now I only use it. I try to
  administrate mine as well as possible and I installed a few linux for
  friends or family.  I think open source software is the only form of
  software which is going to last because it has so many advantages
  (transparency, bugs quickly corrected, features can easily be added, you
  have a control on your data since its format is public, etc) including
  for companies. That's why I want to help free software. And since I
  think Debian is a very good distribution (very serious, good packaging
  system) I decided to become a DD.

  For Debian I intent to maintain some packages, especialy concerning the
  OCaml programming language which is a wonderful not-well-known
  functionnal programming language (the debian-ocaml-maint team told me
  they did not have time to maintain as many packages as they would like
  to). But more generally, if I find programs useful for me and there is
  no equivalent program in the official Debian distribution, I think I'll
  package them."

Roland Marcus Rutschmann <rudi>

  "I started with SuSE about 1996/97 slowly switching over from OS2 with
  the use of XFreeOS/2. I thought about other Distributions at the time,
  never getting the time to deal with them. In between University jobs
  I applied at SuSE and got turned down, so I really took a look into
  debian ;-) (Maybe childish but it was the right move anyway). I am in
  charge of the Linux-computers here in our Institute. When a programm
  that I really needed was not available in debian, I started to debianize
  it. That was quite a while and some versions ago. It's now in testing.

  Other than that, I gave some helpful (and probably some stupid) bug
  reports. My University group will switch to the University of
  Regensburg, which has it's own debian based distribution. So I hope to
  be helpful there as well."

Andres Salomon <dilinger>

  "There are numerous things I want to do for Debian; first and
  foremost, maintaining my packages to the best of my abilities.  I'd
  also like to help w/ the structure of Debian (Enterprise Debian and
  improving testing are two things that I'm itching to do; free time
  permitting).  And, of course, I'm always finding other packages are
  lacking, and I end up helping out with those.  This, and the previous
  paragraph cover points #2 and 4 of the Social Contract; improving
  packages and usability for users, and contributing back to the (free
  software) community.

  I volunteer my time doing Debian related stuff because I used Debian,
  both at home and at work.  The more Debian improves, the less
  stressful my life becomes."

Thiemo Seufer <ths>

  "Well, I started to use Linux years ago (with 0.99.pl13) because I
  wnated to write a program larger than 640k. Linux was free (as in
  beer), it allowed to use the whole 4MB of my system and had also
  a free compiler.

  It took some more years until I started to help with the development
  of free (as in speech) software, this came when I found interest in
  the MIPS achitecture. In course of that, I became upstream maintainer
  of MIPS binutils, and contribute patches for kernel/toolchain/glibc
  when the bugs get to annoying. I also took over the delo (DEcstation
  boot LOader) upstream and improved it substantially.

  For Debian, I'm primarily interested in the mips/mipsel ports, where
  Debian is IMHO the most viable distribution. To improve it, I started
  to help the debian-installer effort, concentrating on the mips port.
  It is now in a nearly-releasable state, but lacks daily built test
  image and a few other things which need to be done by a DD."

Geert Stappers <stappers>

  Geert writes, "Somewhere 1993 a computer club was building an 68000
  successor for there 6502 systems. Linux was used for the
  (cross)development.  Having the various GNU tools was great. First I
  could not imaginate how free(gratis to me in those days) software
  could exist. I thought GPL was about "NO WARRANTY".  After several
  years I realized that GPL is freedom.  Free Software is how people
  should work/live together."

  Geert has various Debian related plans and ideas.  At the moment, he
  mostly focuses on his package conglomerate and on working on

Jeroen van Wolffelaar <jeroen>

  "I'm a 22 year old Computer Science student in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  I have been active in Debian for about a year now, in various areas:
  packages (lintian, phpbb2), QA work (overview pages, MIA) and release
  work. As a Debian user since about 4 years, I hope to be useful for
  Debian as a developer with broad interests."

Martin Michlmayr

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