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An online search engine for Debian packages, with advanced boolean queries at ara.zapto.org


Ara is a utility for searching Debian packages using your local database,
somewhat like grep-dctrl or aptitude's search function.

You can do boolean combinations of regular expressions, equalities or
inequalities on all available fields.

Ara is available with a command-line, non-ncurses interface (ara) and
a GTK2 interface (xara), see http://ara.alioth.debian.org/

Version 1.0.7 is now in incoming.  Please note that there is a very old version
(0.4) in testing/unstable.

You can also use it on-line at http://ara.zapto.org/

Here's a request you can do with ara :

  section=utils and (not depends:(gtk or gnome or kde) or size<100000) and
  priority=optional and archive=unstable

You can replace "and", "or" and "not" with "&", "|" and "!" to suit your
taste.  You can also omit "and", but then negation has a higher priority.

Feel free to send comments and suggestions.
Berke Durak

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