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Re: A little question

On Sat, Dec 18, 2004 at 01:58:22PM +0100, jalogne.raphael@free.fr wrote:
> I've been reading the debian site for hours and i'm deeply sensitive to the
> debian philosophy of distributing linux.


> i've spend a long time to learn on the book bought with my RedHat package,
> and now i'm used to the basic commands and the folders structure (/etc
> /user
> /dev,...)
> I wonder if it's quite the same with Debian

In general, Debian will use the same command-line tools as RedHat (and
almost all other Linux distributions), and will usually put things in the
same or similar places.  However, the location of a lot of config files is
different in RedHat and Debian, which can trip you up occasionally.  A quick
grep, find, or google will usually find the answer, and for everything else,
there's MasterCard -- sorry, mailing lists and IRC.

- Matt

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