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Re: Google ads on debian.org

Stephen Frost wrote:
> > > Yeah, I think this are two important concerns: The legal implications
> > > and the consequences for mirroring the site.
> > 
> > Let me add one more: Some authors of content on the web site may not want
> > to continue to work on a web site that contains ads. (I don't, for example.)
> Funny, but you're happy to contribute to a distribution which is
> packaged up and sold on store shelves by for-profit organizations?
> Which also include some advertising sometimes too I believe?

Please note that it's a difference to work for some company
(see how liw recently resigned from his job due to unacceptable
policies) and to work for a non-profit project that produces
Free Software which can and will used according to the licenses
adhered to.



Every use of Linux is a proper use of Linux.  -- Jon 'maddog' Hall

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