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RE: FW: Mail forwarding in return for Debian donation

> We don't have any use for money right now. What we have 
> mostly just sits in a bank account getting slowly devalued by 
> inflation. So fund raising exercises aren't really a good idea.

Oh. Okay at least I don't have to feel bad about using Debian and not
contributing, but I have to say I find this very strange. Surely Debian has
developers that would love to spend more time working on Debian than on
their day-jobs, but don't do so because they need to pay the rent etc?

Or is the whole Ubuntu thing (where I understand Mark Shuttleworth has hired
a large number of the senior Debian developers) considered to be the
solution to this problem?

And what about Debian itself making a donation to for example FSF Europe?
We're still in the process of trying to fight off the evil software patents
over here! (although I can't personally vouch for the activities of FSF
Europe, I suspect the money would be well spent there). Surely there are
shared interests here, better than letting it devalue.


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