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RE: FW: Mail forwarding in return for Debian donation

> Agreed.  I think it is a *bad* idea, we have enough problems 
> getting consensus on what developers using @debian.org 
> addresses can do with their "Debian work email address", and 
> what they cannot do with it.
> There is absolutely no need to add more trouble to the mix. 
> There is no way we could get average-joe to understand that 
> @members.debian.org, or @non-members.debian.org, or even 
> @i-do-not-speak-for.debian.org is mostly unrelated to Debian. 
>  Which is really, really sad.

Agreed, this is really, really sad. But then when you explain it like this
it's also really, really, understandable.

I'll just donate to FSF and use @member.fsf.org. Hopefully sometime in the
future I'll be able to afford a truly altruistic donation and debian.org
will get some of my Euros.

Thanks for your reply,

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