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Re: How much space does Debian use?

On Saturday 20 November 2004 00.45, gildedlink wrote:

> My hard drive currently has only around
> 3GB left on it, according to the last reading I could get from windows
> before I was no longer able to get into windows.  I'm hoping
> installation space is small so I can utilize the last bit of Hard
> Drive space I have.  How much space does Debian use on a Hard Drive?


 - Debian can be installed on relatively little hard disk space - 200M or 
so; but to get a useable system including the graphical user interface (if 
you've tried Knoppix, you'll want KDE, I guess), I'd think that you should 
plan for at least 1.5 to 2G.
 - I'm not sure, but the '3G free space' you report are probably located in 
your Windows ('C:') drive - to install Linux, you'll have to create a new 
partition for it, Linux can't just use the 3G free space if it's allocated 
to an existing drive.   (And if you're not sure what I'm talking about it, 
then you should probably locate some computer wizard and ask him to install 
Linux for you.)
 - If you know nothing about Linux, be prepared to learn! Remember those 
first days with your first computer? Linux is not Windows, so much of what 
you learned in Windows will not apply in Linux (of course, the mouse is 
still the mouse, and icons are still here to be clicked upon - but, for 
example, setting up Internet connection or a printer is totally different)

And last but not least: The debian-user mailing list is a much better place 
to ask for further help.  debian-project is about the Debian project in 
general, while debian-user@lists.debian.org is the place to go for help 
with installing and using Debian Linux.

-- vbi

TODO: apt-get install signify

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