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Re: How much space does Debian use?

gildedlink wrote:
> My computer recently broke down on windows, but I found that by using
> knoppix linux on live-cd I could run linux on the computer smoothly. 
> Then I found out that knoppix is supposedly very similar to Debian,

Knoppix is based on Debian stable + testing.

> but that it's possible to easily install debian.  However, I can't
> find information on the site about how much space Debian actually
> takes up on the hard drive.  My hard drive currently has only around
> 3GB left on it, according to the last reading I could get from windows
> before I was no longer able to get into windows.  I'm hoping
> installation space is small so I can utilize the last bit of Hard
> Drive space I have.  How much space does Debian use on a Hard Drive?

It's in the installation manual:




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