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Re: http://www.debian.org/consultants/ policy

Am 2004-11-01 21:28:26, schrieb martin f krafft:
> also sprach Noèl Köthe <noel@debian.org> [2004.11.01.2120 +0100]:
> > > I don't operate a website and do not plan on doing so. Please do
> > 
> > Why?
> Why should I? I work locally and my clients refer each other to me.
> That has worked for me for years.

You are not alone...
I had my first client in end of 1999 in Strasbourg and the I have gotten
more then 100 between Colmar (FR), Mulhouse (FR), Strasbourg (FR) ,
Offenburg (DE), Lahr  (DE)and Freiburg (DE). never had to pay for 
publicity  :-)

But now I run my Website on a ADSL 1024/128kBit Enough for it.


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