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Re: http://www.debian.org/consultants/ policy

Am Montag, den 01.11.2004, 21:28 +0100 schrieb martin f krafft:

> > > I don't operate a website and do not plan on doing so. Please do
> > 
> > Why?
> Why should I? I work locally and my clients refer each other to me.
> That has worked for me for years.

So you dont need to be listed there?;)

The problem I have, is to get facts how to decide who will be listed and
who not because the entry will be wrong on the page.

Maybe its not clear to everybody so examples:

1. Would a microsoft.com/sco.com/.../suse.com entry be OK? Why not if
they build a debian package for xyz and offering support?
(retorical extreme question! no need to be answered;))

2. Or an other example:
Name: John Brahy
Company: NNL Software
URL: http://www.brahy.com

What would be the reason why we should remove him from the list (maybe
until the URL is removed or there will be other content)?

3. an offshore example
Name: Hemanth Kumar A
Company: Clavib
URL: http://www.clavib.com/

I hope you all get my point. In the past we added everything, really
everthing to this list whithout quality checks.:( They cannot be done
whithout a mini policy, imho.
We have addition requests where it looks like a company now works with
Linux and the sales man mails us to be added. What should we do with
such thinks?

What is the intention of this list?
IMHO /consultants/ is a list of people who could be hired for Debian
work. We (Debian) should have a minimum of quality in this list or the
list will become more or less useless for the user.

I'm hoping everybody gets my point.

Noèl Köthe <noel debian.org>
Debian GNU/Linux, www.debian.org

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