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Re: Debian Sarge does not have either version of apt-proxy

On Mon 11 Oct, Florian Weimer wrote:
> * Chris Bell:
> > The earlier 1.3.x version may not be perfect, but it does work for
> > me, and I have not found any other software that does the same job.
> AFAIK, apt-proxy 1.9 is only required if you have apt 0.6 somewhere on
> your site.  apt-proxy 1.3 is fine with apt 0.5, but much too often, it
> returns inconsistent Release/Release.gpg/Packages combinations.
   Thanks for the email.

   The main reason for using apt-proxy to provide a local partial mirror is
that I can configure a list of parent mirror sites that it can try in
sequence, rather than having to specify a single source. I can then ask
apt-proxy to check mirrors provided by my ISP and local universitites before
adding to the load on the Debian servers. This appears to work when
upgrading several local machines, or using jigdo to build CD ISO images,
although I have not yet succeeded in using apt-proxy during an initial
network installation to a new box. I would be happy to try any more suitable
system that may be available.

Chris Bell

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