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Re: Two Macedonias

Vassilis Grigoriadis <nezos_debian@myrealbox.com> schrieb/wrote:
> According to the EU Resolution FYROM cannot have the name Macedonia.

It's not a EU Resolution. The Council of Europe (www.coe.int) is not
(part of) the European Union but an independent international
organisation, of which the FYR Macedonia has been a member since 1995.

> I am putting the Resolution so you can read it. I'm sorry to say so,
> but if Debian does not comply to the resolution of the foreign
> ministers of the EU than i will be in the unpleasent position to bring
> the subject to the EU court.

The EU court won't enforce non-EU law. There's no court to enforce law
of the Council of Europe (except the European Court of Human Rights),
and even if there was, the resolution would still only be applicable to
CoE organs and not to third parties such as Debian.

BUT there are still reasons to follow the CoE, the UN, and other
international organisations in their choice of the name of countries:
The best one is that if anything is wrong with the name, you can point
at them and claim that it's not your fault.


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