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Re: Debian Hardened project (question about use of the "Debian" trademark)

Hi Martin,

El mar, 14-09-2004 a las 17:40, Martin Michlmayr escribió:
> * Lorenzo Hernandez Garcia-Hierro <lorenzo@gnu.org> [2004-09-08 16:26]:
> > I want to know if i can use the trademark "Debian" on the name of a
> > project that i've started , "Debian Hardened" which i want to see as
> > an official Debian sup-project.
> I personally feel that this name has the same problems that "Trusted
> Debian" has - it suggests that "normal" Debian is not secure.  In any
> case, I think you should post your question to debian-project rather
> than -legal since -project is more appropriate and might get more
> feedback.

A "normal" Debian is secure, depending on how the sysadmin works with
the packages and how he confgiures them.

But, if you have, for example, ProPolice/SSP compiled packages, there
wouldn't be anyway to exploit a buffer overflow condition in the

That's the same with kernel packages...you can choose a better secure
kernel or a simple one, the difference is just what you want to choose:
secure or not secure as the other...

Security stays OK until somebody breaks it, and you can't predict when
it will happen (and also you can't predict how it will happen!).

I want to see Debian Hardened as an official Debian subproject, it's not
a "better, more secure" un-official version of Debian, it's just a
hardened tree of official Debian packafes for official Debian versions!

(Also i'm working with a friend to make some enhacements for the Linux
entropy pool engine, using an external TRNG device).

Lorenzo Hernandez Garcia-Hierro <lorenzo@gnu.org>

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