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Re: Debian Dictionary

Jutta Wrage <jw@witch.westfalen.de> wrote:
> An output of the Debian-Women project is a multilingual Dictionary, a 
> DWRAD (Debian Women Acronym Reference Dictionary) and monolingual 
> dictionaries with Debian specific content.
I looked at the german translation (debian-en-de_de.html) and found some
inconsistencies between the translations and terms used in the official
debian.org translations:

bug tracking system
    Fehlerverfolgungssystem; web: Fehlerdatenbank

Developer Accounts Managers
    Verwalter der Entwickler-Logins; web: Entwickler-Account-Verwalter

Front Desk
    Rezeption; web: 'Empfang für neue Entwickler' for 'New Maintainers
    Front Desk' So I would suggest 'Empfang' which is a more precise
    translation for me. 

and some translations that sounds unusal or wrong to me:

General Resolution
    Allgemeine Lösung; I backtranslate this to 'general solution',
    'Allgemeiner Beschluss' would be better

intent to adopt
    Vorschlag zur Paketübernahme; 'Absicht zur Paketübernahme'

intent to package
    Paketvorschlag; 'Absicht zur Paketerstellung'

    Betreuer, Paketbetreuer
non-maintainer upload
    Nicht-Maintainer-Upload: inconsistent: 'Nicht-Betreuer-Upload'

Well I'm not a translator, so these are just some things I came across
while reading it. Maybe the guys on debian-l10n-german should review it
once it's finished. 


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