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Re: Debian Dictionary

On 2004-08-30 18:31:12 +0100 Jutta Wrage <jw@witch.westfalen.de> wrote:

An output of the Debian-Women project is a multilingual Dictionary, a DWRAD (Debian Women Acronym Reference Dictionary) [...]

Is this Debian-Women-specific? Will you take a "Debian Acronym Reference Dictionary" to debian-doc?

The en is actually en_US.

The description of sponsor in http://www.witch.westfalen.de/debian-women/debian-glossary_en.html might have a few small errors. As I understand it, the packager need not be an applicant. The sponsor checks the packages, not the sponsor and packager together.

The only copyright notice seems to say "all rights reserved". Can you pick a more liberal licence, please?

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