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Re: Debian, lists and discrimination

On 2004-08-08 01:21:54 +0100 Matthew Palmer <mpalmer@debian.org> wrote:

I believe it to be useful to examine the issues raised and deal with them if
the result would be of net benefit to the project.

This seems good, but it should happen in the usual debian forums as far as possible.

As to the specific issue of the debian-women list, there is some benefit to
providing protection to disadvantaged groups as a means of aiding
reintegration. While there are no shortage of disasterous examples of this process, there are also some examples where this is working well, and I am
personally familiar with one such group.

Are you claiming that we are trying to use a model that works for one group you know and probably some other examples, but has been disasterous for many, or did I misunderstand that?

That is, interested extablished Debian
members take part in d-women discussions [...]

At the moment, what discussions are appropriate for -women that wouldn't be more appropriate elsewhere if they do not involve women?

What isn't
helpful is full-blast attacks right from the outset. You won't get very far
teaching a baby to walk if you beat it every time it falls down.

I don't think likening debian-women to a baby is appropriate!

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