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Re: Debian, lists and discrimination

On 2004-08-07 22:24:12 +0100 Peter Samuelson <peter@p12n.org> wrote:

[MJ Ray]
Are posts which should otherwise go to other lists accepted on -women
purely because they involve women? It looks that way from yesterday's
list description and past activity.
Is that your real concern? [...]

I reject the implication that I may have only one "real concern". I tried to explain what seems my basic concern to me, that debian should not discriminate against people or groups because of irrelevant attributes. I guess the explanation wasn't good, as few seem to get it.

Face it, there is plenty of overlap between existing debian lists. And
not everyone knows which list is the best to post to in every
circumstance, no matter how you document it.

Of course, I know this, as you could tell from my initial message and subsequent addressing changes. I look forward to seeing threads from -women redirected to -project, -newmaint and others, but it's not happened much yet AFAICT. Is any discussion involving women ever off-topic for -women, actually?

(BTW, don't expect much more out of me than what I'm posting now.  In
our encounter on IRC the other day, I kept trying to find out if you
had more questions that we hadn't answered already, and all I got was
you rehashing the same few questions over and over, apparently hoping
for new answers that suited your preconceptions better than the answers
we'd already given. [...]

Can you read my mind and know my hopes? I think not, else you would not have got it so wrong. I hoped for answers and what you call "rehashing" were probably attempts to rephrase a question that I felt had been misunderstood, based on the non-answers.

Ultimately, you ended discussion by threatening to use the special q-bans (which give the banned person insults about "channel gods" if they try to speak, last time I saw one) on me, instead of explaining. The FAQ-stated policies of intolerance for flaming were rarely asserted to those who flamed and flooded during the discussion. If you wish the channel to have a policy that only allows a question to be asked once, you should agree and express it in the FAQ, so people can tell they are being trolled into banned when they are asked "did you have a question we didn't answer".

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