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Re: Debian, lists and discrimination

Em Sex, 2004-08-06 às 14:47, Jaldhar H. Vyas escreveu:
> What is left unexamined in all these discussions is why Debian (as a
> project) should be doing anything to tackle inequalities?

For the same reason we work with free software.

> As far as I can
> tell my microwave oven was made exclusively by atheistic communist
> Chinese.  But it hasn't affected this religious, Republican,
> Indian-Americans' ability to make cheese on toast any.

Sure, but I hope you worry about the chinese ways of making your
microwave oven.

> Does the fact that
> Debian is produced mainly by men prevent, say, a rape crisis centre from
> using it?  Or is the contention that there is some barrier to involvement
> by women (and only women) in the project itself?  Because such an
> allegation should be backed up with some solid facts.

It seems you simply didn't get the point.

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