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Re: Boot Floppy

On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 02:39:57AM -0700, melborg wrote:
> I know you are mostly volunteers, and so I know that you're all extremely
> busy, but I was hoping for a favor if you happen to get a free few minutes.

> I'm this disabled guy living in a basement with no money and an old Pentium
> 2 that only wants to boot off the floppy drive, so I can't install any Linux
> on it till I can get a bootable rescue floppy.

Your best bet is to get in contact with your local Linux User's Group.
For San Francisco, you want the Bay Area LUG, <http://www.balug.org>.
The mailing list is balug-talk@balug.org.  You might also try the
Silicon Valley LUG, svlug@lists.svlug.org, which is not quite as
close, but is much, MUCH bigger, and has many members in SF.  Between
those two, you ought to be able to get set up in no time flat, without
waiting for any postal delays or whatnot.

Both LUGs are very enthusiastic about helping people set up Linux, and
I suspect it will be easy to find someone near you willing to
hand-deliver a boot floppy and maybe even some CDs.  I'm over in the
East Bay, and I'd volunteer myself if my car weren't dead.

(And for others who might have similar questions, a couple of places
you can search for local LUGs are:
The former has more listings (over 100 countries), but the latter
seems to be more up-to-date and better maintained.)


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