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Boot Floppy

I know you are mostly volunteers, and so I know that you're all extremely
busy, but I was hoping for a favor if you happen to get a free few minutes.

I'm this disabled guy living in a basement with no money and an old Pentium
2 that only wants to boot off the floppy drive, so I can't install any Linux
on it till I can get a bootable rescue floppy.  Problem is, the only
computer I have internet access with is this ancient Mac that literally
sells on ebay for nine dollars.  The Mac is not capable of taking a disk
image for linux or pc and converting it to the appropriate format.  Thus, I
can't use my Mac to download a bootable floppy for my Pentium 2 which has no
operating system at all.

I'm Mel Thompson at:
775 Post Street, Unit D
San Francisco, CA 94109

It's understandable if you don't have the time for this one, but I just
thought I'd put it out there just in case.



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