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Re: GUADEC report

Matthew's report is interesting and appreciated.

Some companies cannot seem to restrain
themselves from stirring the mud in the license
swamp, can they?  Like three-year-old boys, they
just love to stir that mud.

> Some companies feel that various licenses were
> genuine efforts to be DFSG free ...

Maybe some companies should genuinely stop
trying to invent new free licenses.  Still, if

  (a) they feel that they absolutely must have
  their own private buggy licenses, yet

  (b) they sneer at debian-legal, where the best
  expert advice in the world on this topic is
  freely available to them,

then how much more can we can do to help them?
If they want to play the game, they need to
learn the rules first.  I do not seem to have
any trouble producing DFSG-compliant software,
after all, and neither do you.  Why should they?
Because they have lawyers?

Debian is a shining beacon.  In the end, they
will follow us.  To a remarkable extent, whether
they realize it or not, they already do.

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