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Re: requirments

On Friday, the  2. July 2004 [UTC: 1088740867]
"Shane McCarthy" <shane_mcc@campus.ie> writes...
> im new to linux and im planning on getting the latest version of
> debian, woody i think its nicknamed. but im  not going to dual boot
> it, instead im going to build a new box, could you recommend
> compatable hardware? i want to keep it as cheap as possible. thanks,


you can install and run Debian on almos every hardware of the x86 (x >
2) architecure and of a lot of other architectures, like PowerPC, MIPS
and SPARC.

There are a special kind of hardware, like printers, winmodems ,etc
that are specially designed for Windows, these kind of hardware you
can not run with Debian, because the drivers for this hardware are
native and closed source, also vendors do not publish any
specifications. So the consequence is that no drivers can be written
(there are another possible ways, like reverse engineering, but more
or less it is impossible).

If you wan't detailed information what hardware is compatible and runs
on Debian (Linux) take a closer look at the hardware compatibility
howto [1], this is a detailed list of all known supported hardware.

	[1]:	http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/HOWTO-INDEX/hardware.html

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