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Re: RfC: Updated Debian Flyer

On Fri, Jun 11, 2004 at 01:08:36PM +0200, Tobias Toedter wrote:
> On Friday 11 June 2004 11:18, Michael Banck wrote:
> > I've updated the Debian flyer[1] for this year's LinuxTag. As we are
> > going to hand out Sarge-DVDs anyway and in order to make it a bit more
> > current and future-proof, I've based the content on Sarge now. We have
> > to submit the .pdf for printing today, so I'd appreciate any comments
> > pertaining the content (or spelling).
> I just found one error in the first point of the section "Included with 
> Debian GNU/Linux" (\def\Windowsystem): The word "applications" should be 
> separated in "ap-plica-tions", not "applic-ations".

hmm, LaTeX's fault.
> One small suggestion: In the list of supported programming languages, you 
> could mention Ruby, which is pretty popular in Japan and seems to get more 
> and more popular here as well. The space on the flyer would be sufficient, 
> too ;-)

> Does the German version get printed, too? In that case, there are some 
> issues with it as well. It's not updated, for one. Would you need help with 
> that, too?

We definetely need to update the german version. However, it need to
happen ASAP, i.e. in the next couple of hours, because the flyer has to
be finalized for LinuxTag today. If you want to work on that and have
time right now, contact me off-list.



Michael Banck
Debian Developer

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