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SMS Business solution.

SMS Express 2004 - Your SMS business solution

SMS Express is a powerful SMS Gateway System which provide a turnkey solution for you to immediately launch exciting mobile services with only SIM card and GSM modem, no need any internet connection. With SMS Express, you can instantly

  • Do mobile marketing or promotion campaign.
  • Perform SMS broadcasting or receiving.
  • Deliver time-critical enterprise information to mobile employees.
  • Direct transfer contact information from your SIM Card to phone book.
  • Set up innovative service such as quiz or contest with only few simple settings.
  • Integrate with 3rd party applications, SMS ale rt system, CRM or ERM.
  • Start up your SMS business easily with provides ringtones, picture message, operator logo and gaming result download services.
  • Use as SMS Reminder / SMS alert.
  • Use as Customer Helpdesk System.
  • More...

SMS Express (demo version) is free for download  here.

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