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re:whats up??? []

whats up with you? havent talked to you in awhile, same thing here pretty much. 

I am updating some info on the website and need your help. Can you hook me up with some info about your local skateshop and or skatepark? We are still adding skateparks to the list so if yours isnt in there let me know and we will add it. We are also going to start listing skate shops as well and if you can give me info on at least 2 skateshops and 1 skatepark I would really appreciate it. Here is the info I need:
Name of Shop:
Address/City/State of Shop:
Phone Number of Shop:
Website Address of Shop:
Email Address of Shop:
Cool I also just got done redesigning the site, let me know what you think of it.
Louie Baur

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